Alternative for Dropbox: IDriveSync

31 08 2010

If you are not yet using dropbox, then maybe you should start considering it -it’s a fantastic tool for synchronizing your important files across multiple computers.
If you are already a dropbox fan, then you might be interested in IDriveSync, which does essentially the same thing but with a few more options. Check out this review on downloadsquad for more details:




2 responses

23 11 2011

I also have an invite that gives you an extra 550mb:

I have been using it for over a year and it is the best of any such
service, simply because the desktop app is fully integrated with you OS
file management system and it is quick

For every signup via the link, get 1 GB of additional free sync storage space (up to a limit of 50 GB).

23 11 2011

Not sure if I agree with you there Sam -I really had nasty experiences with idrivesync: the sync completely messed up *all* of my files in the IdriveSync Explorer directory. All of a sudden files like “S] Close() m_NoOfFields” or “[S] After WFSO for Open()” appeared in my folders, which surely IdriveSync put there, and all of the other documents -my own, in other words- were corrupt and could not be opened again. *Very unhappy* with iDriveSync here, sorry!

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